Preventing Auto Collisions with Animals near Redmond

auto collisions with animals redmondDo you know how best to avoid auto collisions with animals near Redmond? Repairing the damage to your vehicle after hitting an animal can be very time consuming and expensive. No one wants to hit an animal while driving, especially a large one that can damage both vehicle and its occupants. 

Pay Close Attention During Twilight Hours

Wild animals and livestock tend to be more active at dawn and dusk. This means you need to be extra attentive during these times. Paying close attention to your surroundings is one of the best ways to prevent the need for collision repairs.

Expect More than One

Know what to expect. Larger animals travel in groups, like cows and deer. This means if you see one, there are likely more nearby. Staying alert and slowing down after spotting a single animal can save you an expensive trip to a collision repair center

Don’t Swerve

Some collisions with animals are impossible to avoid. In these situations, it’s imperative that you don’t swerve your vehicle. Braking is recommended, but swerving could result in one or more other drivers becoming involved in the accident. Not only is this likely to cause more damage, but you could be liable for their repairs as well. 

Sometimes Auto Collisions with Animals in Redmond are Unavoidable

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Assisting with Auto Collisions with Animals near Redmond

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